Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Home Run Scored by the "American Doll Team"

The American Doll and Teddy Bear Tea Party was another “sell out” with 77 Moms and daughters enjoying the delightful hospitality and activities despite a very hot summer day. Over $1000 was raised in reservations and over $500 in the Doll Shop.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to our committee, our volunteers, our quilters and knitters, our bakers, our doll and bear exhibitors, our support people, and our hardy guests who cheerfully remained “cool” in
spite of Mother Nature.
Geri Applegate
Mike Berzansky
Ann Marie Capponi
Joe Carey
Allison Coffin
Peggy Dellinger
Gary Edelson
Paul Edelson
Steve Edelson
Nancy Emmons
Heather Evans
Phyllis Fyfe
Penny Gabriel
Diane Gentile
Ellen Gulick
Mary Hill
Tobi and Dave Kochel
Lois and Bob Landis
Joal Leone
Sue and Heather MacDonald
Sue and Les Mathis
Eileen McCormack
Eleanor Millar
Jeanne Ribsam
Ginny and Howard Richmond
Sarah Salmon
Ann Stiles
Alice Timms
Marion Vogler
Betty Wilderotter
Marko Wityk

Teen Volunteers

Abby Ettore
Sara Hayet
Megan Kelleher
Christina MacFarlane
Perri MacFarlane
Ariel Moynahan
Haley Smiliak
Christian Wityk

Thanks again. We could not have done it without YOU,

Marge Edelson and Brenda Wityk

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